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Friday, June 29, 2012

How do you get rid of Ubuntu and install Windows?

I have a Windows 7 boot disk and Ubuntu 12-whatever-it's-not-important. I'm sick looking at this very user-unfriendly system and just want Windows back. I paid my $200 for Windows, and I have the boot disk which I'm sure was incorrectly burned courtesy of Ubuntu. When given the option of burning the ISO image to the disk I could choose Burn as File or Burn Contents or something; idk it was hours ago and I don't have the strength to reboot it and copy everything word-for-word - Ubuntu has completely drained me. I wasted about 5 DVD's burning and reburning "as File," but that just simply put the ISO image onto the disk, and when I tried to 'burn the contents' for a change it just closed out of everything and spat out a typical error message saying it encountered a problem (naturally, it is Ubuntu after all) and then just putting me back at the desktop. Moving on, whether I burned the discs correctly or not, when I reboot my machine with the disk it, by default it boots the disc drive BEFORE the hard drive, so I of course thought Windows would just take control and kick Ubuntu out once and for all, but noooo because this is Ubuntu we're talking about. It just spun the disc in the drive and booted Ubuntu like always. Please help Ubuntu community. Help me escape this Linux-based Matrix and get back to the real world.

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